AFM analyzer is an automatized analyzer of the AFM measurements. It enables simple selection of the measurements, automatized calculation of roughness parameters and graphical presentation of the analysis. With one click only we can analyze a whole directory.

Key features





AFM analyzer is designed for quick and easy analysis of AFM measurements. User interface makes it easy to switch between measurements and to select functions. The measurement can be analyzed only, or graphically presented. Analysis is predefined and automated, and it requires only one click. Line inspector enables scanning overview of the measurements, comparing two lines in x and y directions. All calculated data can be easily saved. In addition, AFM analyzer enables automated analysis of the whole directory. This analysis is carried out quickly and without multiple clicking.

The analyzer currently allows analysis of the .ibw, .tiff, .000, and .txt formats. Other formats and additional features can be added upon request.



This simulator can be licensed. Information about licensing are available on request.

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