Substring voltage monitoring

Standard monitoring of solar power plants only allows measurement of whole arrays (voltage, current and temperature), but what is happening with individual modules is unknown to us. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to detect a faulty module.

In order to avoid this, we have developed a measurement unit, which is installed directly into the module's junction box and measures the voltages of the individual substrings and module temperature. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the server where it is written to the database, allowing for a more detailed analysis of the operation.




  • PV module substring monitoring
  • PV powered with minimal power consumption
  • Seamless connection to a Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Time sinhronization over wireless network


  • Unlimited number of units in a system
  • Internal and external T & RH sensors
  • Fits into a standard PV junction box

Basic properties

  • Input voltage: 9 - 60 V (active mode)
  • Input voltage: 6 - 60 V (no communication)
  • Substring voltage measurement: −5 - +15 V
  • Sampling rate: 1 min

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For additional information please contact:

  • Marko Jankovec, E-mail: Marko.Jankovec[at]fe.uni-lj.si, Phone: +386 1 4768 931