Long-term testing

In the development of some types of solar cells, such as electrochemical cells, aging measurements are crucial. Cells should be long-term test in a loaded condition and periodically measured their characteristics.

For this purpose, we have developed a special tracker of the maximum power point for power up to a few hundred mW. The circuit in addition to tracking also allows operation in open circuit, short circuit and at constant voltage.

There are six channels available at the moment, and in development is a multi-channel meter.




  • Full 4-wire connection to each PV cell
  • Automatic PV cell polarity detection
  • Sequential 4-wire bypass switching to SMU
  • Multiple options for cell connection


  • 12 channels per μMPPT board
  • Up to 12 μMPPT boards per 3U crate
  • Communication over RS-485

Basic specifications

  • Input range: ±2 V / 200 mA / 300 mW
  • Measurement resolution: 1 mV, 2 μA
  • Lowest input resistance: 4,5 Ω
  • Communication: RS-485, evaluation board also USB

Product brochure.



For additional information please contact:

  • Marko Jankovec, E-mail: Marko.Jankovec[at]fe.uni-lj.si, Phone: +386 1 4768 931