Module developement

The PV modules' manufacturing procedure means not only assembling of several components into a PV module but also some experience and knowledge on materials and lamination procedures. Testing of new materials and new lamination recipies is usually not possble in the production line. In our laboratory we are able to produce PV modules in a reseach laminator with dimensions up to 50 x 50 cm2.

Our small research laminator is also available to other companies that want to test new materials or to develop new type of PV modules.



For additional information please contact:

  • Kristijan Brecl, e-mail: kristijan.brecl@fe.uni-lj.si, phone: +386 1 4768 848
  • Marko Topič, e-mail: marko.topic@fe.uni-lj.si, phone: +386 1 4768 470