Solar cell measurements

Colar cell properties depend on cell type and testing conditions. To compare cells of different types or from different producers standard test conditions (STC) must be used. Standard testconditions are:

  • AM1.5 spectrum
  • irradiation 1000 W/m2
  • temperature 25°C

Our laboratory is equiped with an artificial light source with irradiation of 1000 W/m2 as it is specified in the standard.


Measurements of crystalline silicon solar cells

Crystalline silicon solar cells are measured with multi probes on a temperature regulated chuck.


Dye-sensitized solar cells

We are measuring:

  • the current-voltage characteristic,
  • the spectral response,
  • the impedance spectroscopy,

at STC, at different cell temperatures and under different light intensities.


Local Conversion Efficiency

Elektroluminiscenca polikristalne silicijeve sončne celice

Solar cell performance depends on the contribution of every single part of active area. It is important that the area of the solar cell is homogenous and without defects. We have developed two systems for local conversion efficiency mapping:

  • LBIC - Light Beam Induced Current and
  • EL - ELectroluminescence.

Both systems complement each other and provide thorough characterisation of the active area of all three generations of solar cells.



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