PV Inverter testing

We test inverters and other PV systems with MPP tracking device according to EN50530 and EN61683 standards. PV array simulator Spitzenberger&Spies PVS7000 is used to simulate the characteristics of a PV array, up to 7 kW, and Zimmer LMG95 is used to measure grid voltage and current.

PV simulator characteristics:

  • Maximum output voltage: 950 V
  • Maximum output current: 22A
  • Maximum output power: 7 kW
  • Current limits for voltage ranges
    • 200V/22A
    • 400V/22A
    • 600V/14A
    • 800V/11A
    • 950V/9,25A

Available tests:

  • Static MPP efficiency
  • Dynamic MPP efficiency
  • Static power conversion efficiency
  • ETA efficiency calculation
  • Startup & Shutdown test
  • Higher harmonics measurements of grid current
  • Power factor measurements