Photovoltaic (PV) energy will play an important role in the electricity generation of the future. On the medium term it will stimulate the creation of a dynamic new high-tech manufacturing segment. Todays mainstream PV production is based on crystalline Si , whereas amorphous Si deposited on glass in batch processes are entering the mass market with the lowest price per Wp (2.5 Eu/Wp). This project will go a step further and contribute to the extension of the PV market, by developing equipment and new proces ses for the roll-to-roll production of high-efficiency thin film silicon photovoltaic modules. This technology will have decisive advantages for the fabrication of low-cost modules, with unsurpassed capability for building integration. The consortium forme d by equipment manufacturers, module producers, and research institutes will target the following objectives: -Working out of novel concepts, designing new production equipment, and implementing manufacturing systems for roll-to-roll preparation of a-Si/mc -Si modules on plastic and metal foils. This will include systems for monolithic integration of the cells in modules by roll-to-roll laser scribing and screen-printing. -Developing new processes for roll-to-roll pilot-lines and fabricating tandem a-Si/mc-S i solar cells with efficiencies > 11% and modules with efficiencies >10% on flexible substrates, with novel encapsulation processes for product lifetime higher than 20 years. - Blueprint planning of complete roll-to-roll modular production lines with capacities >10 MW/year and with module production costs of 0.5 Eu/Wp, with a benchmarking in terms of life cycle analysis against c-Si silicon and other thin film technologies. The project will not only allow the module manufacturers to implement new e quipment and processes in their production lines, but will also allow the equipment manufacturers to construct and sell equipment for complete production lines producing unbreakable modules at unbeatable costs