A large increase of photovoltaic systems in Slovenia and around the world increases the need for measuring equipment for these purposes. In particular, such equipment is needed in companies engaged in the manufacturing business of photovoltaic components, design and construction of PV power plants and testing and monitoring of PV components and systems.
In the laboratory we are developing electronic measurement systems for IV characterization of PV cells and modules.

  1. Instrument for measuring IV characteristics of PV modules, which operates on the principle of variable electronic load. The electronic load is acting as a passive variable resistance and thus loads the PV module only in its generator regime. A special feature is its high accuracy and special IV scan algorithm.
  2. Currently we are developing IV characteristics scanner for PV arrays with up to 1000V/22A/10kW. Method of measurement is based on a capacitive load, which stores the energy generated by PV modules which is dissipated securely after the measurement.
  3. Under development is the reference irradiation sensor used with  IV measurement equipment for PV generators.

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