Holiday Wish

December 24 2020

The year 2020 was unprecedented in many ways. Unfortunately, it was largely impacted by the epidemic that changed our way of working and international cooperation. Despite the limitations, in LPVO, we will remember it for positive achievements and new experiences.

Take the advantage of the upcoming holidays to renew stocks of positive energy and efficient rest in the circle of loved ones.

In the coming year 2021, we wish you good health, effective overcoming of new challenges and sustainable personal and business development.

Happy New Year!


Article in Journal Science

December 11 2020

An article entitledOver 29% -efficient Monolithic Perovskite / Silicon Tandem Solar Cell Enabled by Enhanced Hole Extraction was published today in the prestigious scientific journal Science. Co-authors of the article are also researchers from LPVO, namely doc. dr. Marko Jošt, dr. Gašper Matič in prof. dr. Marko Topič.

The paper discusses the fabrication and operation of a record monolithic tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell with an efficiency of 29.15%. This is a top achievement, as the cell without encapsulation retained a 95% share of the conversion efficiency after 300 hours of continuous operation, which predicts long-term stability of operation. Successful cooperation is co-financed by ARRS and Helmholtz Gemeinschaft Deutscher Forschungszentren, the latter within the bilateral TAPAS project.


Prof. dr. Marko Topič re-elected for the president of ETIP PV

September 23 2020

Prof. dr. Marko Topič, head of the Laboratory for Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics, was re-elected for the president of the European Technology and Innovation Platform for Photovoltaics (ETIP PV) for the period 2020–2022.

ETIP PV brings together over 250 leading experts from industry, banking, insurance, international associations, NGOs and photovoltaic research, and operates under the European Commission within the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), which brings together 10 European technology and innovation platform.

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Joint promotion of LPVO and Eternalsun Spire

September 15 2020

Laboratory of Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics (LPVO) and Eternalsun Spire strengthen their collaboration with joint promotional news item at PV Magazine. In LPVO we use Eternalsun's Spire SPI-SUN flasher for accurate and repeatable indoor characterization of photovoltaic (PV) modules. We have also developed a system for outdoor monitoring of PV modules. Both solutions complement each other perfectly in the research field of PV module degradation under real operating conditions.



August 25 2020

We will attend the the largest photovoltaic conference the EU-PVSEC 2020, which will exceptionally be held online due to Covid-19 pandemic. Between September 7 and 11, we will present results of our latest research in six contributions:

  • 4AV.2.34, S. Mitterhofer, Measurement and Simulation of Moisture Ingress in PV Modules in Various Climates
  • 3BV.1.14, B. Glažar, Outdoor Monitoring System with MPP Tracking for Perovskite Solar Cells
  • 3BO.10.5, B. Lipovšek, Perovskite Solar Cells Subjected to Realistic Operating Conditions: Temperature Dependence, Outdoor Monitoring, Energy Yield Modelling
  • 2CV.1.9, M. Bokalič, EL and LBIC Characterization of Cut Edge Recombination in IBC Solar Cells
  • 2CO.15.6, M. Kikelj, Stress Induced Inhomogeneities in Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells: from Characterization to Advanced Electrical Modelling
  • 5DO.2.1, J. Ascencio-Vásquez, Geographical Approach for Weather Risk Identification and PV Performance Assessment

See you online!


The Engineering Spark 2020 awarded to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering

June 30 2020

Initiative We will be Engineers! presented the Engineering Spark 2020 awards at the Presidential Palace. The purpose of the award is to highlight breakthrough or original practices, projects and events that make an important contribution to the development, validity and enthusiasm of the engineering profession and innovation in society. The Engineering Spark 2020 was also awarded to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for the development of a prototype medical ventilator that could be used in the event of a severe Covid-19 outbreak. During the first wave of the epidemic, we developed the prototype together with partners and students in the Laboratory for Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics. The development was initiated by the head of LPVO Prof. Marko Topič and lead by Prof. Marko Jankovec.


Best e-poster presentation at Nanoge e-conference

April 21 2020

Online e-conferences enable presenting fresh results, despite COVID-19 outbreak. On April 16 an e-conference on Contemporary Stability Challenges in Hybrid Perovskite Photovoltaics, organized by NanoGe, was held.

Amongst 17 presented e-posters, the first award for the best presentation of e-poster was received by Dr. Marko Jošt, a member of Laboratory for photovoltaics and optoelectronics (LPVO). He presented a poster, entitled Degradation monitoring in field testing of perovskite solar cells. The work is a result of collaboration between LPVO and Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.


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