Construction of Electronic Systems (CES)

Lecturer: Asst. Prof. Dr. Marko Jankovec



This year 2014-15 the course will be held in English. This web site will be updated accordingly in the next weeks.



About the course

  • Construction principles of electronic devices. Product design strategy, a timetable and financing plan. Electrical, mechanical, thermal and product design requirements.
  • Power and power sources. The standard supply voltage levels and standard power supplies. Rectifiers, stabilizers and references. Protection of power supplies and protection devices.
  • Electrical connections. Separable and inseparable connections. The choice of materials depending on the characteristics, use and price. Supporting and connecting boards and busses. Grounding.
  • Thermal management. Heating and cooling of devices and systems. Thermal measurement and protection.
  • Housings of devices and elements. Standard housings. Standards for mechanical elements. Technologies and procedures for the creation of housing. Electromechanical devices.
  • Legal restrictions of electronic products. Safety standards. Standards in the field of EMC. Design techniques for EMC. Power and other filtering. Elimination and prevention of interference. Measurements of the EMC. The CE marking.
  • Maintenance of electronic devices. Economics of maintenance work. Amortization period and safe disposal the device. Economic aspects of the construction and operation of electronic devices. Design of environmentally friendly products.


Marko Jankovec

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of Ljubljana
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