Lectures by prof. dr. Marko Topič



Two- and Four-pole networks. Linearisation.

Properties of Semiconductors.

PN junction and diodes. Energy band diagrams and concentration profiles. Current-voltage characteristic. Small-Signal Analysis. Large-Signal Analysis. Breakdown and Zener diode.

Bipolar transistors - PNP and NPN. Energy band diagrams and concentration profiles. Current-voltage characteristics. Small-Signal Analysis. Large-Signal Analysis.

Field-effect transistors - Junction FET and MOS FET. Current-voltage characteristics. Small-Signal Analysis. Large-Signal Analysis.

Switching devices: PNPN diode, diac, thyristor, triac, IGBT.

Optoelectronic devices: photoresistor, photodiode and solar cell, light emitting diodes and diode lasers, optocouplers.



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  • Sheet with equations

Laboratory Practice

Schedule of laboratory practice - school year 2017/2018

Foreign students should contact assistant for group arrangement.

0. Introduction
1. Static I(U) curve of semiconductor diode
2. Differential conductance of a semiconductor diode
3. Switching times and junction capacitance of a pn diode
4. Breakdown diode as voltage stabiliser
5. Ebers-Moll model of a bipolar transistor
6. Incremental quadripole parameters of a bipolar transistor as small-signal amplifier
7. Limit frequencies of a bipolar transistor
8. Switching times of a bipolar transistor
9. MOS transistor
10. Light-emitting diode (LED)

Text for laboratory exercises can be found in virtual classroom e.FE.


Exam Terms

Terms and registration

Written terms are published in STUDIS. A student needs to register for an exam in STUDIS at least five days before the exam. The exam dates in 2018 are: 26.1., 9.2., 21.6. and 23.8. Oral exams are arranged with the professor.

  • Condition for written exam: Completed all laboratory exercises
  • Condition for oral exam: Passed written exam (at least 50 points out of 100)

Permitted aids at the exam

  • Official A4 sheet with equations (see above),
  • Dedicated calculator (mobile phones and tablets are not allowed).