Reliabilty and Maintenance of Components and Systems (R&M)

Lectures by prof. dr. Marko Topič



Aim of the course: To gain basic knowledge of estimation and calculation components and systems reliabilty and maintenance.

Essental Knowledge: quality of systems, statistical process control, digital electronics

Detailed content:

  • Introduction to reliabilty
    • What is reliabilty
    • Examples of use
    • Life time and life cycle cost
    • Reliabilty and maintenance management
  • Statistical functions and distribution in reliabilty
    • graphical data display of reliabilty
  • Components and systems reliabilty forecast
    • Component reliability (MIL-HDBK-217)
    • Serial system reliability
    • Paralalel system reliability
    • Reduntand system reliability
  • Reliability measurs in desing phase
    • Allocation and estimation
    • Thermal planning
  • Fault tree analysis
  • Reliabilty testing
    • Accelerated lifetime testing
    • Demo testing
  • Introduction to maintenance
  • Concepts and analisys of maintenance
  • Maintenace testing


  • Topič M., Zanesljivost in vzdrževanje komponent in sistemov, Zapiski predavanj, Založba FE in FRI, Ljubljana, 2004.
  • O'Connor P. D., Practical Reliability Engineering, John Wiley & Sons, 1995.
  • Birolini A., Quality and Reliability of Technical Systems, Springer, 1997

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